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Phill-lately and Stamps

for GB and British Commonwealth stamps & postal history, many world stamps also stocked

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New and current stock items . 

As well as the usual Accessories, Postal Literature, Pre-stamp, GB mint, FDC, PHQ and Presentation Pack selection I also currently have:

East Germany Mint and Used complete

Russia Mint or used almost complete to 1990 June 15 - SOLD

Collection of rare Siam / Thailand WW11 Revenues and charity stamps on documents April 15

New 3rd Reich collections (7Vols)

New Russian collection - old MINKUS  Jan 15  - SOLD

New cinderella collections 7 volumes

New Australia collection - SOLD

2 new GB collections for splitting

New British Commonwealth 16 volume accumulation for splitting

Iceland and Netherlands Luxury album collections


Early English postal history.  1460 - 1840


Russian collections


USA collections


A number of Single Country collections, RAF, Army, Explorer, Royal collections, KGVI collections.



A large British Commonwealth collection being split for sale as Country,

sets or singles.


New in this month includes some nice 3rd Reich postal history.

A GB collection - Blacks through to modern presentation packs

A Pitcairn Island collection fully written-up in 5 albums

ready for presentation (strong in KGVI postal history)

Persia inc full early imperf sheets




India and Indian states



Large collection of WWI and WWII postal history, inc Russia Germany UK etc

strong in history and censors


Two Boer War collections being broken up. 

The collections includes various censors, internal and international mail, Prisoner of War etc.


Large GB Controls collection being broken up.


A GB Bisects collection, including examples from all 5 reigns.


      GB Postal Stationary, including Mulready covers, Ocean Penny post etc.


Many Penny Blacks, most plates available.



Other QV line engraved material includes

Numeral Maltese Cross cancellations on cover etc.


Collection of 1d Red imperf covers being broken up.


KGVI several mint and used collections being broken up.


Early mint QEII collection being broken up.


Cape of Good Hope triangular collection being broken up.


(not many left now).


Signed flight covers.


Maritime / Ship letter Postal History collections.


First flight covers


1948 Royal Silver Wedding stamps, unmounted set complete,- SOLD

and one being broken up.


1935 Silver Jubilee and 1948 Royal Silver Wedding complete - SOLD

Mint Omnibus collection for sale SOLD, and one being broken up.

Including a fine used Egyptian Seal Jubilee and the difficult

Hong Kong RSW set


1911 Coronation service of London – Windsor / Windsor – London first aerial postal flight cards and covers collection being broken up.

This collection includes many of the more

difficult advertising Companies.


I have recently increased the Europe and Rest of the world stocks,

including several Germany collections inc third Reich,

Zeppelin, Saar Allied zones etc, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Spain , Poland,

Hungary, Israel, Russia and USA postage and BOB stamps.


There is also a nice selection of GB Post Office real photo postcards.


2 Belgium / UK Maritime collections,- SOLD



New Third Reich, Zeppelin and Hindenburg covers in this month


Hong Kong stock of stamps and postal history. Inc. various Flaws,

Treaty port and special postmarks


Signed FDC’s covers and autographs, famous people, Royalty and

Prime Ministers etc.


Wants lists and Thematic requests welcome.